About Past and Present Lady Foley's

The Hon. Alexandra Foley is the daughter of the late Lord Foley, 8th Baron of Kidderminster. She named her venture Lady Foley Grand Tour as a tribute to past and present Lady Foleys in the family..  

The 1st Baron Foley of Kidderminster (Worcestershire), Thomas Foley, was ennobled in 1712 for his services to the crown and philanthropic activities, the latter made possible by a considerable fortune accrued as a result of the Foleys' success in the iron industry.  The title died out but was recreated in 1776 by Queen Anne.  

The many Lady Foleys throughout the two creations of the Barony have been distinguished personages in their own right.  In the 19th Century Lady (Emily) Foley of Stoke Edith was an influential landowner in the Malvern area and the Foleys had their own railway station at their Stoke Edith Estate. Lady Foley was a key sponsor of the station at Great Malvern and had her own waiting room which still exists to this day.

Alexandra's paternal grandmother Minoru Foley married Gerald, the 7th Baron Foley and she became a popular society figure known for her extravagant tastes, particularly in fashion.  Lady Foley's frequent trips to Paris resulted in her acquiring a vast collection of haute couture dresses including those by the great couturier Madeleine Vionnet. Several of Lady Foley's dresses made for her by Madeleine Vionnet were recently bought for the nation by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Alexandra's stepmother, Lady Foley (Ghislaine), her father's second wife, was a well-known society beauty of the 1950's and a celebrity panellist on the original television show 'What's My Line?'.  

Patricia, Lady Foley, Alexandra's mother (who is American from Pasadena, California) continues to be an inspiration to all who meet her, for her beauty, wit and charm.

Lady (Minoru) Foley, Alexandra's grandmother
(courtesy The National Portrait Gallery)